The Block – Bathroom Reveals

I think everyone will agree that most of the bathrooms revealed on Sunday were pretty shocking but what the reveal lacked in eye candy it made up for it with the twins’ meltdown over their lousy scores. F-bomb central.

So, let’s start with the moss.

twins 5

Argh!!!! Every time I see it it gives me the heebie jeebies! For some reason a moss wall in my bathroom is gross to me, feeding off the moisture in the air…bleugh!

It didn’t help that the rest of the twins’ bathroom looked like something out of the bunker of a doomsday prepper who likes the finer things in life.   Other than being very angular, harsh and all types of wrong, the room had a very ‘I did it myself’ feel, and not in a cool artisan way.

twins 1

twins 4

twins 3

Next on the list of tragic bathrooms is the Chantelle and Steve’s deco disaster.   Listening to judges feedback, I was thinking, maybe it looks better in real life because to me it looked like a hot mess.  The bathroom equivalent of this outfit:


So many features!  The herringbone tiling,  the parquetry on the ceiling, the hideous deco sink, so confused! It didn’t help that the tub looks like something out of my parent’s place…which was built in the 80s (they have a built in brick planter in the entrance way if you want to get a better picture).

s and c 1

s and c 3

Then when the judges pointed out that short mirrored cabinet for some reason all I could think of was Frank Costanza screaming about stopping short, hehe.

s and c 4

Now onto Brad and Dale. Despite the serious towel selection fail and the random Uashama bag, the bathroom was airy and felt expensive.  Those tiles were to die for and that little shower nook with the glitzy tiles shouldn’t have worked but it did.  Think the judges’ comments about the lack of a bathtub might have been a bit unfair without knowing the guys’ plans for the rest of the house but I guess that just comes with judging the contestants on a room by room basis.

brad and dale 2

brad and dale 1

Um, did someone use the toilet between picture shoots? Obviously someone prefers their toilet roll back facing! Grrr, pet peeve!

brad and dale 3

brad and dale 4

Finally, there was Kyal and Kara’s glorious bathroom with that $8000 tub which was worth every penny! Plus those honeycomb tiles and the wood, swoon! In terms of functionality, it was a great idea to put two little storage nooks in the shower. It just totally eliminates the need to have to fight with your man for space and then live in fear that he will return from Bunnings with an ugly shower caddy to ‘solve the problem’.  Also, that removable sink shelf is just clever, clever, clever.  Here are lots of pictures because the bathroom totally deserves to be ogled.

k and k 1

k and k 2

k and k 3

k and k 4

k and k 5

k and k 6

k and k 7

k and k 8

k and k 9

k and k 10

All images courtesy of ninemsn.

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